Switch suppliers

We frequently find that our customers have "out of contract" rates (OOC) or "rolled over" electricity rates. These are applied by default when your current energy contract has expired. These out-of-contract rates can be significantly higher than the discounted rates that we can obtain from suppliers. By partnering with us we can ensure that you are continually on a discounted rate for all your electricity purchasing.

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Once we have access to your billing data we can review:

  • Your Contract Rate
  • What Metering Charges are being applied to your business
  • What Fixed Charges you have been charged
  • Whether an appropriate VAT rate has been changed
  • Whether appropriate Transmission and Distribution charges have been applied to your bill
  • What any available Consumption Data and Usage pattern information suggests about your business
  • What Other Costs have been imposed by a Third Party

Managing the Switch Over

Many organisations hesitate to switch energy suppliers because they are concerned about what is involved in the Switch-Over process.  At Renewable Partnerships (Energy) we can manage this entire process for you.

We will set up supply and payment details with your new supplier, send termination communications to your existing supplier (unless, of course, we have been able to secure you a better deal with that supplier) and organise on-line monitoring so that we ensure that your electricity buying remains as competitive as possible.

Through the year we will send you quarterly updates regarding trends and initiatives within the all–Ireland electricity market.

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