Energy Strategy

At Renewable Partnerships we walk you through your energy supply challenges to arrive at a recommended strategy for your business’ next energy contract. Then, by going out to a wide range of suppliers, we identify the most competitive and appropriate contract option available and set things up for you.

Sourcing the right contract at the right price for your
business’ energy needs

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Your energy procurement strategy

Getting the very best energy contract for your business means decisions have to be made around:
prioritising lowest cost against budget certainty
contract length and notice periods
controlling exposure to volatile energy markets
your green energy mix and your position on low or net zero carbon targets


Energy purchasing strategies, and therefore the Supplier contract, generally reflect one of the following three approaches:
Fixed energy pricing
Floating energy pricing
Flexible Energy pricing
Green Energy Supply
Some or all of these may be available to you depending upon a premises’ connection status to the network and your energy needs in terms of annual consumption levels.

Taking away the hassle - accurately

We have a track record and buying power that we put to use for your benefit. We have developed sophisticated Northern Ireland and Ireland specific software models that allow us to:
Approach the market for very competitive energy quotes
Untangle the complexity of energy quotations coming from a range of Suppliers
Compare energy supplier offers on a like-for-like basis
Prepare a transparent summary of offers available
Concisely present to you a recommended contract
Take this contract forward for you
We take responsibility, take away the hassle and bring control to what can be a very substantial overhead.

Energy demand analysis – a key building

We have also developed software to analyse your energy consumption patterns. This allow use to:
check that your tariff is the most costs efficient one for you
check that import capacity and availability levels with their associated charges are appropriate to the needs of your business
check for energy wastage looking at base and out of hours energy load
check consumption patterns against operational practices
Where consumption data is available (eg electricity half-hour metering) we can use this existing information, otherwise we arrange for energy monitoring to be established for your premises via a trusted partner business. Please contact us for further details.

Understanding and where practical controlling these factors can all feedback into making the right choice for sourcing your next energy contract.

Savings and mitigating inflationary pressures

The savings you can expect to receive for Electricity and Natural Gas supply to your business over the lifetime of our agreement will depend on a number of factors unique to your business, not least your starting point and how this relates to prevailing wholesale energy market factors.

We often see variation of 3-5% between the competitive offers that we receive and it is not uncommon for us to identify double digit savings even in excess of 20% particularly where contracts have been allowed to lapse.

Driving the best bargain possible for your business and in your interests is our mantra. It’s also the reason we retain business with over 96% of our clients.

We add value for you but suppliers pay us, not you.

This brokerage service does not necessarily add any direct cost for you – Suppliers pay us a commission when contracts are placed with them. We will be transparent with you about this – we have nothing to hide!


We frequently find that our customers have Out of Contract rates (OOC) or "rolled over" electricity rates. These are applied by default when your current energy contract has expired. These out-of-contract rates can be significantly higher than the discounted rates that we can obtain from suppliers. By partnering with us we can ensure that you are continually on a discounted rate for all your electricity purchasing.

Local, unbiased and independent

We are local and specialize in the Northern Ireland and Ireland energy market place. We operate completely independently, with no preferred energy suppliers. This allows us to offer completely impartial advice on how to limit your utility costs.
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