Flexible Buying Basket

Lowering your electricity costs through collaborative purchasing. With the current volatility within the wholesale energy markets set to continue, purchasing your electricity at the optimum time and aggregating consumption volumes will result in significantly reducing your electricity spend.

Until now only the very largest energy consumers have been able to spread the risk and purchase their electricity in Tranches. Working with leading International energy experts Kinect Energy Group, we have developed products for the Ireland electricity market, that now provide many sizes of business consumers with access to wholesale energy markets. Kinect Energy Group have 20 years experience of product innovation, market analysis and energy portfolio management supporting large and public and private sector customers across Europe.

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What is flexible energy basket?

A ‘Basket’ is an aggregation of electricity consumers which provides the critical mass required in order to purchase Flexibly rather than purchasing a traditional Fixed term contract.

Purchasing via a Basket will deliver economies of scale hence more competitive prices.

Provides end users with access to the Day Ahead, Months, Quarters and Seasons market, reducing the risk and allowing for greater purchasing flexibility.
The product also allows customers to reforecast their electricity consumptions, which will manage any fluctuating consumption risks.

All charges electricity and regulatory charges are itemised and are fully transparent.

Initially we will need some information on your annual electricity consumption, number of meter points and when any existing contract finishes.

What does flexible energy basket do?

Allows you to concentrate on core business activity whilst we actively manage your electricity costs.

We actively purchase energy at the times when market conditions are favourable rather than simply accepting a fixed price at the time of supply contract renewal or unmanaged prevailing market rates.

Greater understanding of wholesale markets and information sharing within the Basket.

Kinect Energy Group the purchasing on your behalf, operating within a pre-agreed risk/benefit framework.

Letting you in on our buying power

Through the year Renewable Partnerships manages a number of energy ‘buying baskets’ for our clients. This allows smaller users to join together in a basket and receive the electricity prices more normally enjoyed by much larger entities. Levering our buying power and enjoying expert led reputation means that we also have regular opportunities for smaller businesses to join:
A Fixed Price Basket
Using our buying power to bring you business energy rates that would otherwise not be available to you. EXPRESS AN INTEREST to find out more.

Medium sized customers may find that they could benefit from buying energy in multiple blocks over time, rather a single fixed price strategy, hence:

A Flexible Price Basket
For businesses with >£100,000 energy spend you can apply to join our professionally managed portfolio of medium sized businesses who can now access flexible contracts and benefit from low risk management trading costs. EXPRESS AN INTEREST to find out more.

Larger customers often use a bespoke trading strategy covering energy and carbon buying energy in multiple blocks over time, hence:

Portfolio Management
For companies with >£500,000 annual energy spend, we take your energy risk strategy to the market. We work with some of Irelands largest energy consumers and have arrangements in place with a pan-European trading desk for a complete service.

Who are Kinect Energy Group?

Leading international energy experts established in 1991 in Bergen, Norway.

We have a successful track record of providing energy procurement solutions in Ireland, UK and the rest of Europe. See www.bergen-energi.com for more details.

Kinect Energy Group are MIFID licenced, providing financial compliance and accountability. This “EU instrument” provides a harmonised regulatory regime for investment services across the 30 member states of the European Economic Area.
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