Green Energy

Clients are increasingly interested in renewable and green sources of electricity. The motivations for this are complex, but most commonly it is to align strategically with partner organisations who have highly public Carbon-Out or Net Zero commitments. Supermarket Supplier Audits are testing and valuable ‘points’ can be gained by the consumption of green electricity.
Wind turbines
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Confirm your reduced carbon impact

We can arrange electricity which is supplied to the Grid from 100% renewable sources and concurrent with this assemble ‘supplier certification’ confirming the reduced CO2 impact of our client.

Your own solution

Reduced-cost green electricity can also be arranged by ‘private wire’ arrangements for clients who have the necessary scale or geographical context. If you are located beside a south-facing field or a windy hill top we have partners who would be interested to discuss a direct supply to your organisation.
Solar panels

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

PPA’s can include using a private wire connection to link your business to an energy generation site, such as a wind turbine. This does not necessarily mean disconnecting from the electricity grid, but can mean pass-through cost burden can be mitigated and price stability for a portion of energy needs is achieved. We support your business by identifying potential generators and modelling costs and contracts to arrive at a solution.
How might this work? A wind or solar generator may be able to sell power to the grid at £0.06/ unit. As an energy user you may be paying £0.15/unit to your supplier once all pass through charges are settled. Power supplied by a private wire may be available at £0.10/ unit – so allowing additional revenue to the generator and a worthwhile saving to the energy user. These figures are not actual but simply example to illustrate the concept.

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