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As the EV component of car ownership grows, customers and clients will come to assume that EV charging will be available at all destinations and that usage/ payment will be in line with widely accepted norms.
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A growing market

Every year around 60,000 new cars are sold in Northern Ireland and 120,000 in ROI. Belfast will fall into line with the UK objective of 100% EV new car sales by 2030. The Dublin government has set a target to deploy 950,000 electric cars on ROI roads by the same date.
EV drivers will no longer be ‘early adopters’ but a mainstream and growing component of your client base
Albeit that ‘range anxiety’ will dissipate, drivers will seek top-up charges when they are able
Charging payment will be undertaken by apps and corporate ‘fobs’. EV drivers will assume that their normal payment method is available at all sites
Charge points need to be able to work across all vehicle brands
Charge points need to be visible on charge-locator apps and associated web-sites
EV industry ‘norms’ assume that EV charger power will be from renewable sources
Graph showing EV charge points
EV growth graph
Aware of the growing importance of EV charging to our clients we sought partners to facilitate a solution. Albeit that self-financed EV chargers represent a potential profit opportunity for a business, wider factors will impact whether that viability will be realised.

The unknown speed to EV market growth has made ROI (Return on Investment) models hard to calculate and maintenance/ promotional costs difficult to nail down.

Three types of charging

Rapid (transit) chargers from 40 kWh upwards, all public facing, available to give an 80% charge in 30 – 20 minutes.

Fast (destination/convenience) fast chargers, either public facing or “fleet” (e.g. available to a company’s employees) typically from 7.6 kWh to 22 kWh AC and 24kWh DC, designed to give a 75% charge in 2 – 3 hours for AC and around 1 hour for DC.

Domestic” (home) chargers between 3.6 kWh and 7.2 kWh, designed to “trickle charge” overnight at cheap rates of electricity.

We therefore have identified that a profit share, fully funded, partnership model is available for many of our clients.

These suit:

Shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, sports clubs, hospitals, supermarkets, where the public spend a couple of hours

Medium sized towns where the current infrastructure does not afford Rapid charges because there's not enough footfall or the local electricity infrastructure ‘substandard’

Potential outcomes

Fully Funded

Site location meets footfall and dwell times requirements
Location is viable for an installation with options for future expansion *
Capital Investment is covered 100% by partner.
No management fee and 5% profit share

Part Funded

Site location fails footfall and/or dwell times requirements
Location is not viable for a fully-funded installation
Capital Investment is part-covered by partner and part-covered by client. *
No management fee and 5% profit share

Client Funded

Client prefers to own installation
Client agrees to EV charger compatible with partner ‘back-office’ and management system
Partner specs charger and ensures that compatible software is loaded to appliance. Appliance software tested to allow billing, remote re-sets, fault monitoring and consumption measurement.
Investment is covered by client. Renewable Partnerships receives survey fees from client
Partner installs EV Charger to prepared site. Assistance with site preparation available
Monthly management fee deducted from EV charging revenues
EV Charger graphic

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