Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

LED Lighting represents one of the most significant, executable opportunities for organisations to reduce their CO2 Consumption as well as Cost overhead. Depending on the modernity of the existing lighting set up, consumption can be reduced between 50% and 75%.

Albeit that the investment decision for LED lighting is compelling, it is nevertheless significant.

LaaS – A financially elegant alternative to a commercially-compelling capital decision

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Our Solution – Lighting as a Service (LaaS)

Renewable Partnerships have a solution to this which allows clients to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting without the associated investment cost. Often this can see:
Reduced monthly expenditure
Significant investment in their estate – at no cost
In-year savings
Reduced CO2
Improved working environment
Elimination of maintenance cost and management
We work with a number of organisations who will provide LED lighting solutions to your business – fully funded.

No leases – hire purchase or loan agreements – just a simple rental contract.

Over a period of 5-10 years the cost of the installation is covered via a rental agreement. In this period all maintenance and replacement issues are taken care of by our partner company via a service agreement, so elimination this overhead and management resource drain.

At the end of the rental period the LED lighting installation will revert to the ownership of the client – for a cost of £1.

Participating clients will therefore be able to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting while keeping capital free for other projects

The commercial proposition

Overhead Reduction: The higher your volume of electricity consumption on lighting your premises, the greater the commercial imperative to take advantage of the offer. We have contrasted identical buildings and installation parameters below, but with different building uses. For example a school may use a building 8 hours a day, whereas a medical facility may be open 24/7.
A no obligation, data-driven energy and lighting survey to assess your current energy consumption and lighting levels
Within 2 weeks we will present a detailed proposal outlining our proposed LED lighting solution & your projected savings
We switch your inefficient lighting to efficient, high-quality LED lighting solutions with no disruption to your day-to-day operations
You pay a fixed monthly fee out of your savings, and your LED installation is fully maintained at its optimum level for a 5-7 year term
8 hour lighting burn24 hour lighting burn

The investment decision

Upgrading your facilities and improving your business: Poorly maintained and decaying buildings can have a detrimental effect on the efficiency and morale of teams. Upgrading lighting systems can demonstrate a visible investment in the well being and performance of staff.

The projects typically have an investment value in excess of £80,000 with larger projects exceeding £200,000. A fully funded solution allows you to see this investment in your organisation while keeping capital in reserve.

The maintenance proposition

Our Partners will maintain the LED installation for the duration of the LaaS agreement. Should a fitting fail then it will be replaced within agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) standards. This will allow clients to side-step replacement hardware costs as well as manpower resource constraints.

The environmental proposition

Each KWh of electricity that your organisation consumes will involve the electricity generator to have emitted 429 g of CO2 into the atmosphere. Over a 12 month period the 24 hour usage example shown above will use about 625,000 units of electricity. It will emit 268 tons of CO2 into the environment in the same period.
CO2 reduction graph

We work with more than one supplier – we assist in the evaluation

We work with clients to identify and when necessary evaluate the competing propositions by understanding what their priorities are and what key criteria should be used in evaluating options. Flexible Commercial Engagements allow clients to flex the length and service agreement arrangements.

Renewable Partnerships have ability to be supplier agnostic in its procurement strategy, enabling the most appropriate products and partners to be selected to achieve the objective in hand.

We have agreed commission terms with the suppliers given that their cost of sales is significantly reduced using our input but the fee that we receive is identical whoever is chosen – so objectivity not partiality will be maintained
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