Have you been paying more than you should have for your business energy use? We can check your bills, calculate what you should have paid and get you a refund. We have access to a significant number of energy invoices and as a result we are often struck by the errors that we have identified.
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Understanding your bills

Energy bills are a composite of charges from large number of different organisations involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of power the interaction of these many bodies can occasionally be the root cause of billing errors. The sheer complexity of the bill layers within this context can also contribute to the opportunity for misbilling.

Your bill contains the following components. Some are different for each half-hour.

Energy charge
Distribution Use of Service (DUoS)
System Support Services
Cair Charge/Interconnector (NI only)
Supplier Capacity Charge
Standing charge
PSO (Public Service Obligation)
Renewable Obligation (NI only)
Imperfections Charge
Climate Change Levy (NI only)
Availability charge
Transmission Use of Service (TUoS)
Electricity Tax (ROI only)
Market Operator charge

Our bill checking process

You allow us to obtain your half hour data and we will calculate a mock bill to show you what you should have been invoiced for.
We then undertake a bill analysis to establish what you should have been charged within a specific 12 month period.
We profile your electricity bill to establish the number of units that were supplied within each time period. We establish the charge that should have been levied.
We calculate the relevant taxes and levies that should have been applied.
With 12 months bills we are able to provide a detailed comparison between what was charged and what should have been charged.
We develop a detailed analysis output that can be used for discussions with the relevant electricity supplier.
We arrange for any difference to be refunded.

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