Market Monitoring

The wholesale price of electricity moves on a minute by minute basis. The 5 main suppliers of electricity in Ireland communicate to us on a weekly basis the range of prices that they will supply our customers with. With high-use clients we negotiate directly on a case by case basis, sometimes inviting users into a ‘basket buying’ arrangement so as to increase our buying power.

As the market drops it is advantageous for a high-user to maintain a flexible tariff so as to increase the benefits of savings. As the market changes there will be benefits in obtaining a fixed rate so as to lessen the risk and impact of escalating costs.

We observe closely the trends in the wholesale market which we can share with you. We will incorporate your risk preferences into our tariff recommendations.

For higher users we can offer access to more specialist buying arrangements.  We have proven mechanisms for achieving this within energy procurement baskets.

Your Potential Savings

The savings you can expect to receive over the lifetime of our agreement will depend on a number of factors unique to your business. However, through our analysis of many organisations we have shown below some example business types.

Organisation 12 month actual 12 month new tariff Saving
Manufacturing (multi) £77,892 £74,681 £3,211
Mini Supermarket (standard) £35,211 £29,776 £5,435
Restaurant (day/night) £25,031 £22,564 £2,467

Savings can arise from contract variation as well as exploiting market movements.
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